Client Feedback

There was good communication, a good auditor and clear instructions for our audit. The correspondence was good ahead of the assessment and specific feedback that was clear and could be discussed. The auditor was great and gave us valuable suggestions that have really helped the practice. We appreciated her hard work all day. The observations were useful and there was opportunity for feedback and discussion. The report is clear and very specific, not waffly.

Our Practice Manager found the Quality Seminars really helpful. I would recommend the DAA Group for quality work, clear instruction and following up exactly as promised.

Jacqui Allen, Executive Partner, Auckland ENT Group   

All dealings with the DAA Group are very professional and staff are helpful. I would describe their services as reliable, high quality, useful, unique and good value for money. Everything is delivered in a timely manner with extra prompts if required. The process is very relaxed. Questions are always welcomed and answered promptly.

The turnaround for the report is efficient.  Its format is easily followed and it is easy to read. The quality of the Quality Seminar presenters is high and the topics very relevant.

I have already recommended you for your reliability and above standard professionalism and I have also have recommended your seminars. We are very satisfied with the service we get.

Virginia Dyall-Kalidas, General Manager, Ranfurly Manor Ltd

Your audit process is professional and thorough; auditors are very skilled and very personable…and I always learn a lot from the audit process.

Jenny Falconer, Admin Manager, Hanmer Clinic Tauranga 

You did well by sending us the same auditor who had a very good understanding of our business and took time to appreciate what we have achieved.

Philippa Castles, Business Manager, Work Recovery Ltd

There was great communication throughout the entire auditing experience. There was great confirmation from the audit that we were doing a good job; the auditor was very professional and approachable. There were prompt replies with email queries that were also friendly and inclusive. The report was clear, easy to read and informative.

I would recommend the DAA Group services because they are knowledgeable, experienced, professional, friendly and the auditor was helpful. Thank you, DAA Group for a rewarding audit experience.

Cherie Saunders, Enliven Learning & Development and Quality Manager, Presbyterian Support Northern

Very helpful and friendly staff from client services administrators through to Directors and audit team staff. I really like the quality seminars and learning opportunities provided by the DAA Group also.

The audit team from DAA Group were extremely professional and respectful. They communicated brilliantly well and were able to provide us with insights and learnings that we were able to take away and follow up on. They were really respectful of the people we serve and of our frontline staff – this was reflected back to us by a number of staff who were involved in the audit. The communications from the client services team has always been exemplary.

Ross Phillips, Business Improvement Manager, Pathways

The Client Service Manager and Lead Auditor were an excellent match for our service. I liked being able to communicate directly with them in advance of the site visit which made planning the audit schedule easy and efficient. We were able to follow the schedule as planned and maintain our usual service. The auditors were genuinely interested in and engaged with our organisation and the people we provide services to. Audit management and problem-solving were done well – when an issue arose regarding the consumer auditor role, the Lead Auditor responded promptly to discuss our concerns, clarify the audit scope and keep the audit on track.

The DAA Group services are reliable and of good quality. I would recommend the DAA Group audit services for their knowledge of our organisation, continuity of relationship, and their ability to apply the audit criteria appropriately to our service.

Annabel Millichamp, Quality Director, Ashburn Clinic