We are delighted to offer the EQuIP 6 Risk Management and Quality Improvement Handbook which is now available for purchase from the DAA Group. This Handbook is an essential resource for all organisations with Quality Improvement goals.

About the Handbook

This Handbook provides information to assist organisations with the development of their Quality Improvement Plan and Risk Register. It describes how to manage risks at the organisational, division, department and system levels and to ensure that quality of care and services are integrated. The Handbook is of relevance to all organisations as well as those engaged in the EQuIP Accreditation programme.






Have a look at the contents page to understand the topics covered:

 About EQuIP  

The Evaluation and Quality Improvement Programme (EQuIP) was developed by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) to help health care organisations strive for excellence and was designed to be used by all types of health care organisations.

The programme provides a comprehensive framework and information for establishing and maintaining quality care and risk management of services and tools to stretch your organisation to the next level.

The programme has been developed to address the clinical, support and corporate functions of your organisation.



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