Theme: Clinical Excellence

The DAA Group is delighted to offer a seminar with the spotlight on Pressure Injury (PIs) – prevention and management.

“As you may be aware HealthCERT is requiring providers to report, as an s31, all pressure injuries at stage 3 and above. Reporting is to cover all stage 3 PIs, stage 4 PIs, unstageable PIs and suspected deep tissue injury. Reporting is required irrespective of where the PI was acquired” (Source: HealthCert Bulletin November 2015).

Audit agencies are being asked to specifically report in your audit report on PI management at your facility.

This seminar is being designed and planned to assure and assist your practice.

  • A key note speaker will set the scene with the reason for the current focus in New Zealand and the impact good management and prevention has on patient outcomes.
  • Pressure Injury Care experts will share their knowledge and expertise to prevent, grade and manage PIs.
  • A dietitian will then link the importance of nutrition and hydration with prevention and PI management.
  • Six workshops will be on offer in the afternoon providing more in-depth education and tools for Pressure Injury prevention and management, nutrition support and using internal audit (tracer methodology) to assess and monitor your practice.

We encourage you to register for this relevant and important seminar. Places are limited.

Apply for leave, diary the event, book your travel and accommodation (where applicable) and please spread the word to others.

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